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Why is cricket so popular in India?

This article explores the history of cricket in India, and explains why the bat and ball game is so popular in India.

Aryan Diwan and Shaan Mirchandani

History of Cricket in India

The game was first played by the British. It soon became popular in countries occupied by the British like India. When British sailors from the East India Company landed in India, they occasionally played cricket amongst themselves.

The Parsi community got interested in cricket, and built the Oriental Cricket Club in 1848. Cricket soon spread like wildfire across Bombay. Hardwork and practice finally paid off when the British invited the Indians to play a cricket match in 1877.

Legends like Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Virat Kohli made cricket even more popular than it already was. With their help, India won world cups(2 ODI and 1 T20), beating even England. Cricket became even more famous in India due to the Indian Premier league (IPL). IPL is one of the most watched cricket leagues in the world, which just shows the evolution of Indian cricket.

Other factors that go into the popularity of cricket include attention from the media, and the fact that India has a greater number of cricket coaching centres and stadia than it has for other sports. Additionally, Indians seem to unite while watching cricket, which is interesting given the fact that cricket teams were originally made based on communal lines.

It goes without saying that cricket is the most popular sport in India, and we hope it always will be.

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