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We Can Be Heroes

Riaana Bajaj

I love movies. I’m sure everyone does. One of my favorite movies is We Can Be Heroes, on Netflix. It has a fictional plot and it’s REALLY cool. It’s about, well… heroes. I know, a genius explanation by me. Not!

The movie is about a team of Heroes, the Heroics, their children and of course, the villains, aliens. Missy is the daughter of the retired leader of the Heroics and everyone expects her to have insane powers, like magnet hands or hurricane breath. Missy disappoints them. She is powerless! Then one day, when the Heroics are captured and Missy is put in the Heroics HQ with the other hero children, she has to find a way to lead and save the Heroics. Without powers.

The other kids doubt her at first, but soon realise that even powerless people are great. They make their way out of the Heroics HQ and into the main alien spaceship, the mothership. It’s huge! They don't have a single idea where their parents are and the security at the HQ will soon be looking for them. They have to find their parents. And they have to find them FAST!

Using their powers, the other hero kids get rid of the guards as they searched the spaceship. At one point, they are in a very, very, VERY sticky situation. The takeover by the aliens will begin soon, very soon. In ONE HOUR! They move as fast as they can. But do they reunite with their parents and save the planet? Or does the takeover actually happen? Go watch the movie to find out!

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