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Understanding Ukraine

by Meghna Mathur

Many have been left baffled by the travesties occurring in Ukraine, for, a war of this scale in recent times was unfathomable for many. However, it is the reality for Ukrainians.

After months of a military build-up and multiple CIA warnings, Russia invaded the sovereign state of Ukraine on the 24th of February, and bombarded its cities full of innocent civilians. While the Ukrainians have resisted the taking of their freedom through military and civil resistance, 2 million Ukrainian refugees have fled the country and found refuge in neighbouring countries like Poland, Moldova, and Romania. Women and children have been crowding most of Ukraine’s borders as all men are required to stay home and fight. Teachers, dancers, musicians, wrestlers are all uniting over the love for their country and enlisting in the army to defeat the Russian forces and convoys trampling over their land. Ukraine has managed to retain control of important cities like Kyiv, and Lviv through guerilla tactics and little foreign aid. Common people inspired by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, have armed themselves with Molotov cocktails and crushed tanks with tractors. However, this is hardly enough as the well-equipped Russian army launches missiles into residential areas and maternity hospitals and airstrikes that the Ukrainians are not equipped to stop.

As the Ukrainians are huddled in their bomb shelters, Western powers like the US, UK, and the EU have leveled intense sanctions on Russia and its oligarchs while economically boycotting them. While this may impact Russia and its people, it will not stop Putin’s regime from furthering its strikes as their soul goal remains to protect Russia’s borders from NATO (an organization Ukraine was trying to become a member of), and resurrect the Soviet Union. The Western powers are reluctant to help Ukraine in a “direct” manner as Vladimir Putin has promised that any country that does so, will face Russia’s wrath, a wrath embellished with an arsenal of nuclear weapons. Thus, Ukraine is left to defend itself alone with the West betraying Ukraine and its own ideals of liberalization, because of the never-ending avarice posed by imperialism.

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Apr 07, 2022


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