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Tia Mehta


Written & Illustrated by Tia Darayus Mehta

It all began with vanilla ice-cream…..

One day, a boy named Billy who loved vanilla ice-cream, was craving it so much that he put on his mask and walked right up to his favourite ice-cream shop to get some vanilla ice-cream. He went to ‘Ice Fun’ and asked the manager, Bob, for a gigantic scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Bob said, "So sorry Billy, we're all out of vanilla ice-cream today". Billy was confused and said, “How is that even possible, you are never out of vanilla ice-cream’. Disheartened Billy tried his luck at another ice-cream shop down the road. But every where he went they said they were all out. No vanilla ice-cream anywhere?

Billy dragged his feet home, straight to his father. "Dad, what is wrong?”, asked Billy. “Everybody says there is no vanilla ice-cream available", said Billy. The father took a minute to process Billy’s question and then smiled. He said, "Oh yes, son. I heard on the news just yesterday that it is believed if you have vanilla ice-cream you get some level of immunity from Corona virus". “For whatever it is worth, we can try it too”, said Billy’s father. “Did you have it already?” asked Billy. "Of course I did and I have left you some in the fridge”, said Billy’s Dad. "Why didn't you tell me before, I just spent the whole morning going from shop to shop. Ugh!!!”, sighed Billy.

Billy went to the kitchen, got himself a cone of vanilla ice-cream and went up to his room. He wasn’t very sure he believed that vanilla ice-cream had any connection with Corona virus. But it sure worked for him, he is getting to have his favourite ice-cream. He was just about to take his first lick when suddenly he felt some dust zoom in through the window. And guess what, suddenly appeared a fairy.

The fairy said "Do not eat this vanilla ice-cream. Everybody has eaten it but you don't. Save it for later". "Why should I?”, asked Billy. “I love vanilla ice-cream and apparently it can also save me from Corona virus". The fairy said, "No. Believe me, save it for later, you don't know what it will bring”. Billy said, "But this can't be. I love vanilla ice-cream, everybody's eaten it and nothing has happened". "You will see the effect tomorrow. Just wait and watch”, cautioned the fairy.

The next day when Billy woke up and went to his parents’ room, he saw his parents still sleeping. It was eleven ‘o clock and not normal for his parents to sleep in so late. He assumed they were tired working from home all day and doing the household chores so he let them be. But 2 hours later when they still didn’t wake up, Billy panicked. “Oh no, was the fairy right? Did something happen to my parents because they had the ice-cream?”, Billy wondered. He wanted to speak to the fairy but didn’t know how to call her. He went to the fridge and got out the ice-cream from the previous night. He again went to try to lick it, when suddenly the fairy re-appeared. Billy said, " Ahaa, I am so happy to see you. Something's gone wrong with my parents. Please help me”.

The fairy explained, “The fake news of vanilla ice-cream giving people immunity against corona virus was spread not by the government, but by aliens who have taken over Earth’s communication system. It's the aliens who want to destroy Earth, so they went and added a potion to the vanilla ice-cream everywhere. If you want to save your family and everybody else you have to stop the aliens”. Billy was a little nervous, " But how do I help stop the aliens alone?” The fairy said," You're not the only one, there are two more children, Eve & Lili who believed me and didn’t eat the ice-cream like you. We also have Mr. Louis from the government who was allergic to the ice-cream and ended up safe”.

The fairy made the 3 children and Mr. Louis meet at the government Command Centre. Billy filled Mr. Louis in on the alien situation. Mr. Louis said "What? No way there are aliens on earth right now". Billy said, “Yes please help us stop them”. They quietly made their way to the communication centre only to see 2-3 aliens on the computers in the room. They hid behind the door to try and hear the alien conversation. All they could hear was “Bee baaa booo baaaa baaaa”.

No one could come up with a concrete plan to take down the aliens. That is when Billy suggested, “Let’s try to send them back to space”. “How do we do that? Space is really far away”, said Louis. Billy showed the group his Bouncy Ball Gun, which he said can send the aliens very high up in the sky, hopefully out of Earth’s orbit.

Not having a better idea, everyone gave in. Louis additionally suggested to wait till they took a break and stepped outside, distract them with a water hose and then fire the gun.

They went out to prepare for their ‘attack’. Billy & Louis loaded the guns with the ‘space’ balls, the girls positioned themselves on the tree, ready with the hose. They waited for hours until they finally saw the aliens leave the building.

The aliens were caught by surprise when Eve & Lily sprayed them with water. The aliens tried to go after the girls but just then, Billy & Louis launched their ‘Space’ balls. The first ball hit the alien but didn’t have much of an effect. Not giving up, Billy continued aiming at them with more than 20 balls one after the other. “Finally”, exclaimed Billy, when the aliens started loosing balance and rising into the sky until they were no longer visible.

“Hooray, we did it!!!”, screamed everyone. Just then, the fairy fluttered to them and said “Well done, you have saved the day. If you now want to break the spell cast by the aliens, go to any one person currently under the spell, show them some love – hug them, kiss them, tell them how much you love them. This will break the spell cast on everyone”.

Billy rushed to his house as fast as he could, kissed his mother and father and hugged them tighter than he has ever hugged them. Voila! They woke up with huge smile of their face happy to see Billy in their arms, unaware of everything that had happened that day.

Billy decided to say nothing, just continued hugging his parents. He couldn’t help but wonder that it had all indeed started with vanilla ice-cream!!!!


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