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The World of Artemis Fowl

With the twentieth anniversary of the bestselling book series, the first anniversary of the terrible spin-off Disney movie, and the upcoming release of the third and last book of the spin-off series, 'The Fowl Twins,' the 'Artemis Fowl' fandom is still alive and kicking!

Shiraz Aga

'Artemis Fowl' is an amazing series about a 'juvenile genius' named Artemis Fowl. Contrary to the Disney adaptation, he is extremely weak, pale, and thin, and therefore has a bodyguard named Butler to help him with his, pardon my language, dirty work. He kidnaps a fairy, Holly Short, in the first book to steal fairy gold, but in the later books they are forced to work together, and by the end of book two, 'The Arctic Incident,' they are not friends, but they can at least tolerate each other. By 2012, when the last book in the main series, 'The Last Guardian' was published, fans had had their hearts broken and fixed multiple times, and Artemis finally got the therapy fans implored author Eoin Colfer to give him.

Then the movie was released. I won't be going into too much depth, but it was so terrible that fans chose to ignore it and pretend it never happened. Even those who had read the books could barely understand what was going on in the film. It was not in any way a representation of the books.

A brief history of Disney live adaptations: Disney has been trying to adapt classic tales to live action pictures for quite some time. Some of them were even their own 2D animated movies, such as the newly released 'Cruella.' ('Cruella' is also not the greatest adaptation, but that's another story.) Some, though not completely true to the media they were based on, were not bad at all, such as 'Mary Poppins.' And others, like 'Artemis Fowl' and 'A Wrinkle in Time' were absolutely horrible. Well, 'A Wrinkle in Time' wasn't the worst, but the 'Artemis Fowl' adaptation certainly was. At least 'A Wrinkle in Time' didn't change the main character entirely. However, in both of these, entire characters were cut! In 'Artemis Fowl,' Angeline Fowl is cut from the story even though two characters central to the plot of the last book and the spinoff series, his younger twin brothers, are given birth to by Angeline in the mixed- up events of book five, 'The Lost Colony.'

On the topic of the twins, let's talk about the spin-off trilogy. Two of these 'The Fowl Twins' and 'The Fowl Twins Deny All Charges,' have already been released.The last one is set to release on October 13th of this year. It's called 'The Fowl Twins Get What They Deserve,' and fans are especially excited as it will feature all the characters from the original series they love, including Minerva Paradizo, who appeared in only one book, despite being a key character in it. While 'The Fowl Twins' is a great series,for extreme fans it's just a throwback to the series they grew up with. It introduces some new characters but some just feel forced into the holes left by the original cast.

Anyway, that's my take on the world of Artemis Fowl! Despite my praise of the series that I love so much, I can't deny there are some continuity errors, such as the time it takes to clone someone. I have said too much! I hope you read the books and love them as much as I do!

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