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The Story of Covid-19

by Samaira Parikh

I, the Coronavirus, was birthed by the rage of nature. My mother was angry and displeased with the humans for harming her, and I was born. When I was born, I was already fully grown! I had only one task on my to do: give the humans a taste of their own medicine. The humans didn’t notice me much at the beginning. I was just an ordinary virus to them. But then I showed them my superpower: I could create asymptomatic carriers! You would never know if I was there or not.

Slowly, the humans realized how dangerous I was as I spread myself across countries and even continents. The humans went into “lockdown” and gave Nature a chance to heal. But, I knew, soon even my powers would fail. Humans would continue to destroy Nature. I had only one choice. To find someone who cared enough to stop it.

This morning, I began my search. I went from house to house, looking for the perfect human child. No, not to give them the virus, but to ask for help. Then I found a little girl who had written short stories about the environment. I knew that this child was the one I needed! After some pleading on my part, she promised to do her best to spread the word. As my powers reduce, I hope she and I can change the nature of humans. This little girl is reaching out to you… “Whoever is reading this, please help! The world needs you!”

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