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The Spread of Global Ed

Why do so many Indians prefer to study abroad?

Asha Kaikini

Choosing one’s college is a life changing decision. Location is one of the key drivers in making a selection with nearly a million Indians studying internationally as of 2020. The global market today recognizes the brand value of certain elite universities, on which a personal network can be built, and provides lucrative job offers post graduation. The biggest drivers for Indian students opting to study abroad are higher chances of admission in international universities and secure salaries/employment. One Mumbai based individual stated that his main priority was to stand out amongst peers when applying for other careers and internships, therefore, choosing to study abroad and gaining depth on the topic of International Best Practices and attaining a global understanding of cultures. Another motivating factor to enroll internationally is the extreme competition within Indian universities. Getting accepted into a top tier Indian college is very unlikely for the mass, as the ratio of applicants to successful candidates is incredibly daunting.

College education provides you with the knowledge and skills for your future career trajectory. Due to the population of India, there are more people than jobs, leading to a multiplicity of individuals vying for the same role, hence lowering salaries. Working outside of India provides additional career prospects and a superior earning potential. When students begin work in a country abroad while studying at a university there, post graduation, their company often sponsors them for a VISA to continue working for them as official employees.

Many people struggle with identifying what they want to do in life while others are aware very early on. As students age through the grades, they are encouraged to choose the path they wish to follow. India continues to see the evolution of international educational partnerships and is developing internationally respected institutes of higher education.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 01, 2021

Very well written Asha...the Indian scenario with its limitations vs the draw to the foreign land for multiple reasons are well put out.

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