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The Right Kind of Food

Alina Menon

We all love chocolates, cakes, candies and junk foods but it isn’t good to have them all the time because they are bad for you and they are not healthy like vegetables and fruits. Sometimes we have too much junk food, and too little vegetables, fruits, and proteins (like meat, fish, eggs and lentils). A solution to that is having a balanced meal. When you have a balanced meal, it has all the necessary minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and so on along with a small quantity of unhealthy things.

Why is it important to eat a balanced diet?

Eating a balanced diet is important because it supplies your body with the energy and nutrients that your body needs to work efficiently. It’s only good to have one unhealthy thing a day or every alternate day.

Exercise is also very important to also keep yourself fit and healthy. You should

workout, play sports or run around everyday to keep yourself fit and healthy.

This is a food pyramid:

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