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The Places That Enter My Dreams

I finally reached the Oslo train station, there were only a few people here and there, bidding

farewell to their families and loved ones. I had come alone to Norway, hoping to be one with

nature and find a life here in the North of Europe. I was so busy staring at the snow capped

mountains beyond the horizon I almost forgot to board the train. By the last whistle I hastily

jumped aboard and took a front seat near the window. Soon I was heading south along the

coast, watching the Scenery go by. I was taking this train to Bergen, hoping to visit Sweden on this long trip as well. I had always wanted to live near the mountains, amidst the lush forests of the Scandinavian mountain ranges. Now was my chance to fulfill my dreams. I would always remember the train rides in Norway. Above the clouds, Golden eagles soared, swooping down occasionally to find prey. The train sped along mountains and over bridges. Glacial waterfalls cascaded thousands of feet down the steep mountain sides. I passed lakes so clear, forests buried in snow and blue skies were reflected in them, making the whole world look upside down. Large Reindeers peacefully trotted in the forests, I spotted one’s horns getting stuck in the nearby Pine trees. In almost no time the scenery shifted and the moonlight kicked in. The next thing I knew the temperature dropped and I had to scavenge for a warm woolen blanket in my suitcase. I never forgot the feeling of utter bliss and wonder as I gazed outside the window. The northern lights had magically appeared and the stars were all so bright and twinkling I truly felt as if Iwas in wonderland. The northern lights were like shafts of blue, yellow, green and orange lights that slowly changed shapes like softly blowing curtains. I fell asleep that wonderful night gawking up at the sky. Even as I write this story 20 years later, I shiver and close my eyes, dreaming about my journey to the Scandinavian countries. When the first rays of sunlight woke me up, the whole window was covered with morning dew from the cold night before. My train to Bergen came to an abrupt stop and I climbed down the stairs to the platform. The train ride from Oslo to Begen would be the best one of my life. And my trip to the Scandinavian countries was just as beautiful. I plan to retire there and live my life in complete bliss, one with nature again.

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