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The Flower Without A Stem

Once in a wonderful garden, on a warm summer morning all the flowers were blooming , but one flower was very different because it did not have a stem . This made the flower frown!!!

After a while , she grew hungry and with no way to reach the food , she started to worry.

A group of busy elves passed by and noticed the strange sight. They immediately made a tower that led all the way up to the flower. They started passing food from the bottom to the

top and fed the flower which made her feel much better !!

She spent the rest of the day beaming with colour and happiness . After a long day the elves were getting a little tired , One by one they dozed off and fell asleep! The flower did not know if she would make it through this night . But as all her friends drooped down to sleep, their leaves met and made a cradle that kept her safe . She was grateful for the lovely day and

her beautiful friends.

She learnt that day the beauty of not only helping others , but also giving others a chance to help you.

She knew she would find a solution to her uniqueness in time

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