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The Dream

“Wow! What a tiring day,”

Thought Diya as she walked the streets of Bombay.

She was at school since 8 o’clock,

And she couldn’t wait till she’d get home and pull off her socks.

Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks.

In front of her was a never-seen-before sign marked X.

She looked down and saw a note.

Diya nervously looked around and read - quote,

“Diya. Yes Diya, you.

If you are reading this - treat this as a clue.

My next words will be puzzling,

Just as this rhyme is confusing.

You might see the big X in front,

And be ascertained that this you must:

Don’t walk this path,

Go through the back.

The shortcut is the only way,

And I dare say,

If you ignore this and throw it away,

It is a big price that you will pay.”

Upon reading this, Diya shivered,

She wondered what was going on as she quivered.

Should she take the shortcut?

Was this anything important?

And more, who wrote this?

There definitely was something amiss.

She decided to go the normal way,

Hoping everything would be okay.

She walked a bit,

Thinking if she should quit.

But then, she wasn’t walking anymore!

She was in bed, just like before.

All of this was a crazy dream,

Glad it ended before it got extreme!

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