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The Dare: A Ballad

Once upon a time

In the city of Xinitraz

Some friends sat together and one of them, named Caroline,

said “Do you know about Libax? I don’t get people’s pizzazz.”

Another, named Mista,

Was the main character of our story,

Said Libax is full of creatures

Previously heard of only in legends,

Different from ours are their features,

Creatures that will us will never make amends.

"I bet you can't stay for a day on Libax!" teases Caroline, But optimistic little Mista sailed away, and was very determined.

"I am the queen of the island and of you and you...!" And the voice faded… But Mista is still not afraid.

It was Hilledegard Runecracker, the grumpy dwarf queen, "Each of you bowing to me, has to be seen!"

And then, in walked Mista proudly, But also, very soundly.

Hilledegard pounced on her, And then began the great war!

They fought and fought to defeat each other,

They fought so much that now it was time for supper!

Mista gave Hilledegard a big scare,

And Hilledegard almost rolled into the dragon’s lair.

But Mista rolled in, not feeling bold,

Down into the wide-mouthed cave

Of a majestic Dragon fabled to be of heart, cold

Where only did venture the brave

So on she went until at last

She told the dragon to eat her up fast.

She said, ‘Listen dragon,

Everyone’s been a beast

And in front of you is what the dwarf dragged in

So go on, have a feast.’

The dragon looked at her in shock

It said, ‘Look, kid, I’m vegan

Apart from the occasional sheep flock

Also, I’m a sucker for bacon.’

Mista, in turn, had her moment of surprise

After she recovered, she said, ‘I am so sorry, I didn’t realise’

To which the dragon said

‘Anyway, you’re a real sight for sore eyes.’

‘What brings you here?

Where are you from?

Wipe away that tear,

This isn’t a rom-com!’

Mista, crying tears of relief

Decided that she should be brief

‘I’m from Xinitraz, I came here on a dare

And excuse me mister, please don’t insult my hair.’

They became best friends,

But this isn’t the end of our tale.

Suddenly, all in a blur,

A “CHARGE!” was yelled,

Quickly, something lashed out, sharp as a needle from a tree of fir

And a small army of dwarves were felled.

Mista went back to Xinitraz, aided by the Dragon

She wrote a bestselling book, or whatever

Many people jumped her bandwagon

And yet this is the first retelling of her tale in forever.

Once upon a time,

There was a girl named Mista

The true story of her is not to be told at bedtime

Just know, whatever you do, do not mess with her.

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