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The Children Of Castle Rock

By Anaaya Shah

Recently, I read a book called ‘The Children of Castle Rock’ by Natasha Farrant. The book is filled with adventure and at times takes a lot of unexpected twists. I simply couldn't bring myself to put it down. As soon as I found myself some free time I’d pick it up. I got the book a few days after the vacation started and I’ve already read it twice. Though not a lot of people know about it, I really enjoyed reading it. The book is about three tweenagers who meet at boarding school.

Alice, timid and shy yet prone to trouble, is new to the school and is having a bad start. Actually, all of them have had rocky starts. Then the great orienteering challenge arrives, where a group of three children go off unsupervised for three days.

Alice just needs to persuade mischief-maker Fergus and rule-abiding Jesse to head to the Scottish highlands in search of a legendary castle….

With a murderer, a thief, their parents, the school and the police hot on their heels will the trio set things right before it’s too late? Or will they get betrayed, or get caught by the murderer who is said to eat her victims?

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