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Space Wars: Can they really happen?

Are we part of a new STAR WARS?

Arjun Vora

Space is an extremely fascinating concept and most of it is an enigma we have yet to discover. I’m sure you’ve all seen sci-fi movies in space, where the characters use cool technology, light sabers and laser shooters, but could this be reality in the next 100 years? Today with global tensions rising, space is a new domain that is being explored and strategized on. Governments are even looking at protection and gearing up for wars in space. But why?

The answer is fairly simple. Space is necessary for everything we do. Phone calls, GPS and even the operation of a banking system heavily rely on satellites in space. Military operations and all telecommunication is impossible without satellites and other development in space. Hence, they are very important because they provide defense and protection. Additionally, satellites are extremely beneficial for the economies of many countries. Therefore, satellites in space are vital.

Due to its impact on countries, satellite protection is one of the leading causes of Space Wars today and will be in the future as well. The USA has launched the USSF with a $15.4 billion budget. The USSF strives to protect US satellites and develop new defense strategies for war in space. India also has established the Defence Space Agency (DSA) which is a dedicated organisation established to drive India’s counter-space activities. The organization has officially begun scouting for technology to augment its capabilities to deal with threats in and from space. China and Russia have also created space agencies for counter attacks and defense. Therefore, this evidence reveals that countries are preparing for an inevitable war in space.

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