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Silly Matica

“Matica! what have you done this time, young lady?!” shrieked Matica’s mum, one

Monday afternoon, “What is it, mum!?” “You’ve got a letter from school, again!” mum

said, rolling her eyes, this was usual for her to get letters complaining about Matica.

“Mum, I honestly haven’t done anything mom, really!” she said, winking at herself in the mirror. Her mother sighed, “come down here THIS INSTANT Matica!”

“One sec mum!” replied Matica. Matica jogged down the stairs. “Look – at – this!”

This was the letter…

Dear Mrs. Donger,

I am upset to hear that your daughter has broken school rules like shouting in the

library and stealing a chocolate cake from the staff room!!

Pls check her behaviour!



Matica shrugged mischievously, grinned and walked away. “Come back here right now,

Matica, you are grounded!” said her mum. Matica groaned.

When Matica was going to school, she thought of a VERY mischievous plan, she had

BETTER get planning.

“Ahaa!” “My ‘MASTERPLAN is complete!” said Matica, rubbing her hands in glee.

Matica woke up at 5 that morning.

Her school started at 7 am Matica dressed into her uniform (which wasn’t really a

uniform, it was her wet suit). She jumped out of her room, ran down the stairs, across the kitchen, she saw her mum turning around, she hid behind the bookshelf, her mother turned back. Matica jogged on. She sprinted out the backdoor, jumped into her skates, and skated to school. The gates of school were shut, so she kicked of her skates and climbed the metal bars. There was no one at school when she arrived, so, she ran into the staffroom and placed the note under the Projector Machine which made the note appear on the wall, so the headmistress could see it, nice and big.

Dear SiLLee HiEdmIs.TReSs,

Yo,U ARe a V.ErY baD tEAcher i


i. hATe YOu a lOt

Later that day

Matica was striding by the staffroom when she saw all the teachers comforting the

headmistress who was crying her EYES out. Matica giggled to herself, suddenly, the

P.E. teacher saw Matica with the corner of his eye.

Slowly and cautiously, he came out of the staffroom! “YOUNG LADY!!” he thundered,

“yes, sir?” said Matica, secretly grinning at the floor. “WHAT IS THIS?”

Matica shrugged. “I KNOW, THAT YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!” said the P.E. teacher.

“No sir, I do not know what that mean note is!” replied Matica said suspiessiosly. “I AM

NO FOOL, MATICA!” said the P.E. teacher. “All right, I did.” Matica said grudgingly.

“I’m-I’m grounding you, I mean, I-I-I’ll expell you, er, I cant EXPELL you, I’ll put you in-in

detension! No, no, that’s not it, umm… ahaa! I won’t let you come for P.E. classes!

Ahaa! That’s it! ya!” said the P.E. teacher hesitantly. “Thankyou, sir!” said Matica happily.

“Haha! got away with the mischief again!” said Matica whilst trotting back from school.

When Matica came back from school, her mother’s face was red as a brick. “You are going to go to your cousin’s house in one week, you can play with them, sleep with them, do absoulutly ANYTHING you want-” Matica did not expect her mum to be so nice to her after what she had done. “but until then-” she stopped for dramatic effect, “YOU’RE GROUNDED!!!” bellowed her mother.

“But but…”

“No buts except yours in your room!” “I’m already grounded.” replied


“Well- well then you’re DOUBLE grounded!”

Matica shrugged, “I guess it’s just less school then mum?” asked Matica, who already knew the answer, but just wanted to hear it come uncertainly out of her mum’s mouth. “No! you-you’ll uh, you’ll go to school but no-no video games, and I-I- I’ll take your phone away!” said

Matica’s mum. “All right, see you at diner!” grumbled Matica whilst walking up the stairs.

Back in Matica's room

“Huhhhhhhhhh” sighed Matica, who was jolly-well pretending to be happy. “Guess I’m

grounded again. I just wish I could get myself out of this…” moaned Matica. Just then, “Wait a sec,” said Matica, looking at the window. “Hmm, I could do that, but that’ll need some



i need…

1. sKate bOrd

2. cLimIng shooz

3. 5 clothes (incas I am 2 wet)

4. swimminG costuem

5. pepper

6. sikle


climb outa da vindo. go 2 school.

go 2 headmistris house (acros the laek).

go 2 the washing massheen. find scool

uniForM, pUt Peper InN zitt It.

run bak houm.

Matica took a backpack, filled in what she needed, and jumped out the window. (Matica lived

on the first floor, so it wasn’t much of a jump.) She grabbed her cycle and rode of. Once she reached her school, she sprang off her cycle and put on her swim-suit, got into the lake and swam to the Headmistress’s cottage.

When she reached the headmistress’s cottage, the house was empty. "The headmistress must have gone out for some errands," Matica thought.

She ran to the washing machine, she looked for the underpants, and right before she put the pepper, BOOM! the door slammed open, and the headmistress ran in.


Yaaay! she thought, no more school!

“Oh yes, Donger, you do not like school! I know!


said the Headmistress.

Nooo! Matica thought, EXTRA school!?!?

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