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Scarlet & Ivy

Riaana Bajaj

Recently, I have read a series called Scarlet & Ivy by Sophie Cleverly. I love reading and it is what I do in my free time. Mystery and adventure books are my favourite, and Scarlet & Ivy is both of those. Scarlet & Ivy had me hooked. For about a week all I did was read the series, made up of six awesome books. While the series isn’t well known like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, it is the most interesting series I have ever read! The story changes unexpectedly and things aren’t always what they seem.

In school, after school, in the night, after my bedtime I would read the series. I just could not stop reading, I was so engrossed! One night I actually stayed up until 11 o’clock reading it! I have read it a couple of times as it’s so good.

I loved all the books and I strongly recommend you read this series. My favourite books were Book 2: The Whispers in the Walls and Book 4: The Lights Under the Lake.

The Scarlet & Ivy series is about 2 twins, Scarlet, and Ivy Grey. Scarlet mysteriously dies of a fever caused by the flu at her school and Ivy is sent to take her spot, to replace her, to become her. Ivy makes a friend in Ariadne and confesses that she isn’t Scarlet. While at school, Scarlet had a diary and she had left a trail of the pages hidden in the school. Ivy and Ariadne are on a mission to find each and every page but the evil headmistress Miss Fox keeps interfering and trying to stop them. But why? Ivy and Ariadne race to find out the truth about how Scarlet died.

Did she die of illness? Or ... Was she murdered? So many questions, so little time.

Read the series to find out what happens!

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