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Mystery Time

Amaira Mehta

Over the last year, I have been reading all kinds of books. There are so many genres to read. Some people like drama, some people like comedy. Some people even like horror!

But I like mystery.

Mystery is a thrilling genre packed with adventure. The books are often about someone solving a puzzle or a crime. Mystery is one of the most loved book genres in the world. When you read a mystery book you feel an array of emotions: fear, suspense and excitement. Twists, turns, surprises, each book is filled with the unexpected! It’s no wonder that people get engrossed in mystery books.

Mystery books are exciting because the authors make us feel as if we are in the book, experiencing each and every one of the character's emotions.There are some amazing authors who often write mystery books, such as Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, and Ron Roy. People around the world love to read mystery books. How about you?

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