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My Poem On The Internet

Scrolling through Croma Park each fine day

On my gizmos and apps, I love to play

Badminton is my favourite sport, but where do I play ?

Sweat it like a real player or game it the WII way

Thanks to the Internet , the whole big world is just a click away.

In this crazy hyperspace , while skiing I can shop on eBay

www a dot it just maybe , it takes me across the oceans without stepping on the seas

Distances and boundaries all disappear , when across the web friendly hands and chats appear

Strangers in the real world are buddies on a Facebook page

Their likes, shares and hashtags bind them in an invisible cage

Overactive on Whatsapp , tweeting on twitter just to be heard

Want to break the chains of social media

Wish to get freedom from the internet herd

E- learning classrooms , are the new schooling way

Just by surfing on the internet every imaginable topic can be learnt all day

Net has given me easy answers , my curiosity has whooshed away

Should I open a textbook or simply do it the google chrome way

Instead of driving to Pizza By The Bay

Now I can simply order on zomato and pizza is on the way

The Internet is a magical , inviting , mysterious doe

But remember the choice is ours to make it a friend or foe

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