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India's World Cup: A Poem

This poem is based on India’s unprecedented world cup win in 1983 and its impact even today. The poem will capture the path to victory and how it has changed the outlook of our country.

Impossible is just an opinion

This quote reflected India’s attitude from head to shin

Going into the tournament as underdogs

Instead, they played like a team of bulldogs

Overwhelmed by the tournament, they sought participation awards

They proved themselves wrong, inking their name on the silver boards

A motivating victory against the West Indies to kickstart their campaign

Reflected the same mantra throughout the tournament, whatever the pain

From Kapil Dev’s masterclass in the must-win game

To Mohinder’s all-round performance to certainly frame

The stimulating teamwork they did claim

Enabling Kapil’s Devils to bring home fame

Playing as a young, inexperienced team

Against a formidable West Indian bouncers and seam,

How they managed that stupendous come-from-behind victory

Its a great chapter in the annals of history

Unprecedented and unmatched can describe India’s win

It inspired millions, including 10-year-old Sachin

That day, 25th June, 1983, will be etched in memory

Of all cricket lovers for many a century

A day that stimulated the lives of millions

Seeing how the team lifted the silverware against all critical opinions

Many came from a weak financial background

Yet they came here to astound

It is truly inspirational to see the journey to how hard they worked

Along with the sacrifices endured and to see how they kept, with the game, networked

Hearing this is truly inspirational for young children dreaming of becoming an international great

And this just proves that you can achieve whatever you set out for in whichever state

The victory re-instated a sense of patriotism through the country

As citizens became proud of the achievements of their country

One that laid the foundation for cricket in India for the next century

It also united India from all its segregations

Race, caste, class, gender, and religions

It gave India an acknowledgement across the globe

And that India could be winners, people started to probe

India, itself, gained a whole lot of hope

Last, it made cricket popular to one and all

Whose equipment is seen in every gully, a bat and a ball

And again, nobody will forget that great day

Inspiring, stimulating, and a foundation that it did lay.

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Beautifully worded Vihaan! Loved the poem!

- Ms Zeeba

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