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Healthy Eating Can Be Fun

Mihaan Dhall

When I was small, I used to eat all kinds of unhealthy food, like Oreos, soya chakli , Hide and Seek biscuits. Then I heard about lots of people dying of heart attacks. I remembered reading on how heart attacks happen. When someone eats unhealthy foods, the fat inside it can be deposited in the arteries of the heart, especially the coronary artery. A lot of the fat can stick to the artery and prevent your blood reaching your heart. It’s a really scary situation. Apart from heart attacks, junk food can cause other illnesses. You can feel weak and unfit. .

That’s why I’d like to share this and spread awareness to everyone, in school and beyond.

Since I read about heart attacks I decided to switch my diet, eating healthier options. Healthy foods can be yummy as well. Not JUST junk food. I don’t know why people tempt you with yummy masala and lure everyone to junk food. Can they put yummy masala on healthier foods so you can be tempted and live a long life? .

Cold drinks, like Coke, Sprite and ginger ale are full of sugar. My favourite spice is ginger. I don’t know why people put your favourite food in a junk version of it. That’s really unfair. So, instead of having ginger ale in a can, I wish they made a ginger, honey, mint and apple cocktail. That’s more like it! A healthier option.

You can get easily addicted to junk food but there are plenty more options than just that. Instead of the juices which have extra sugar in them. You can make your OWN fruit juices and that’ll be fresh. Better still just eat fruit. Fruit juices only give you the flavour of the fruit but not the minerals and vitamins and the fibre of the fruit. That’s why eating fruits is better than drinking juices.

Always look for healthy options. Instead of potato chips or banana chips, you can replace that with dried fruit, like dried bananas or for potato chips, you can replace them with potato salad.

One day I’m planning to have a restaurant and I will only make healthy foods and yes, desserts as well and will make all the healthy foods yummy! That’s my goal!

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