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Has Mumbai's Climate Change Gone Too Far?

By Saanvee Sharma

Mumbai has been facing pollution for years, but now, the fear of being wiped out is very real.

Scientists have claimed that by 2030-2050, Mumbai will be submerged due to the rising sea levels, affecting people living in a 1 kilometer radius from the coastline, and potentially wiping out half the city.

The melting of glaciers, warming of water and trash in the ocean are all major causes for rising sea levels, and the coastal road project is certainly going to fasten the process. As sewage waste flowing into oceans, lakes and rivers is a rising problem, this waste is untreated, which results in the surrounding ecosystem to wither and die, this also causes the water to be unusable.

But as the levels rise, the quality of air decreases.

Since January air pollution has been continuing to dip down. Colaba, Chembur and Andheri were in the ‘very poor’ category. These high levels of air pollution can lead to harmful lung diseases. Due to air pollution, Mumbai is expected to have a 0.2°c to 0.8°c in the summer of 2022, daily temperatures seem to be 35°c and threaten to rise higher, in fact, the current temperature is 5°c higher than it should be.

It’s not surprising that Mumbai has so much pollution. The amount of cars on the road, burning of fossil fuels, all lead to lasting effects on the environment, and our daily life. And as garbage is thrown into the sea, and heat levels rise, Mumbai is on the verge of being wiped out if the water levels continue to rise at its current rate. The damage could have gone too far, if it is irreversible, is yet to be determined.

We can stop this, if everyone tries. Maybe do some of the listed below.

● Support NGOs working to reduce the damage to the global environment

● Use renewable clean energy

● Use environment friendly products

● Try public transport, or cycling.

● Try reducing your waste in your household, reuse, reduce, recycle.

● Adopting sustainable & environment conscious lifestyles.

● Donate old clothes/toys/books etc.

Special thanks:

Chittaranhan Tembhekar, 10/2/2022, Mumbai's air quality dips to ‘very poor’ again, The times of India,

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