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Everyday Food in Thailand

Most of us here eat eggs, toast, cereal, dal, roti and so many more tasty foods! But have you ever wondered what people in other countries eat? Well, here's a peek into the everyday food in Thailand!

Alina Menon

Let’s start off with breakfast, the meal that gets you going for the day! In Thailand, one of the most common foods is Jok, which is rice congee. They also eat curries and rice for breakfast! They also eat Khao tom, a broth which often has seafood or chinese vegetables in it. People eat it with rice on the side and you can also have it for dinner.

Thai cuisine includes many dishes with noodles, curries, rice and broths which brings us to lunch and dinner. The most popular foods are pad thai, kutyonaam and pad siew. Additionally, daily Thai food includes grilled chicken, fish and stir fried vegetables, eaten for both lunch and dinner.

Thai cuisine is full of flavours, sweet, spicy and salty, and that's why it’s one of my favourites!

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