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Dia Kothari

The Fortune

It was the strangest fortune that had ever emerged from a fortune cookie. Layla had pleaded with her foster mother, Amelia, to get one, just one, fortune cookie for her. Layla was a thirteen year old orphan with a very mean foster mom. Layla had been told by her foster mother that her parents had died in a car crash. Layla really loved her mother. She missed the warm chocolate smell that used to fill the house every time her mom baked her cookies. Layla’s father was the nicest father any girl could ask for. Every time Layla was having a bad day at school, she would come home and run to her father’s room-office and talk to her father. He would comfort her and then take Layla out to McDonalds and get her some fries and just maybe a McFlurry. But those days were the past.

Getting back to the present, Layla’s foster mom had bought her a fortune cookie, and Layla wasn’t planning on waiting. She cracked the fortune cookie open, ate the cookie and then eagerly read the message. A confused expression settled on Layla’s face. This is what the message read:

You have been chosen. five hours it shall be, and then you may return for thee, I see.

Suddenly, there was a loud crack, and a bead of blue light flew out of the fortune cookie and flew through the air towards Layla’s heart. It flew into her heart, and boom, Layla found herself in a land she had never seen before. It was similar to the land she lived in, just looked… way more ancient. She stood up and walked around. There were three women chatting nearby. Layla decided to listen. She walked to a tree closest to the women. “….You know, Josephine, that movie, ‘Gilda’ is coming out in 1946! Just one year to go. I’m really excited to see it. It sounds good.” the first person said. “Yes, I know Edith. I can’t wait either. We could watch it together!” The one named Josephine said. “Buying a ticket to the theater is too expensive. How about we just watch it at my house?” The third person said. “Yes, but Hazel, your TV is black and white. The theater is the only place we can watch it in colour.” Edith said. Layla’s eyes grew wide. She was in 1945?!? 1945 was when her parents had died!

Could this be the time she would find out the truth about her parent’s death?

Layla had made up her mind on what she was going to do. She was going to go to the place her parents had been going to when they died. Plus, according to the message, she only had five hours. Her parents had gotten a letter from a friend to come to a government building. Layla knew her way around this place, and the government building was close by. Her parents had been one of the few people that actually owned a car. Layla ran down the streets, looking for any sign of a car. None to be seen. She ran more. Finally, she saw a noisy car driving up the road. And in the car, of course, were Layla’s parents. Layla’s eyes filled with tears. She had thought she would never see them again. But then, a thought went into Layla’s mind. She couldn’t mess with the past. So, she couldn’t tell her parents who she was or warn them about what was going to happen. All she could do now was watch her parents die. There was nothing she could do to save them. But she decided to follow. She ran behind the car. Finally, they reached at the government building. But- Layla’s parents should have died by now – they had died on the way… Layla’s suspicions were true! Her step mom hadn’t told her the truth!

The building was dark and abandoned, with Cobwebs everywhere. Suddenly, a young lady, who Layla thought looked familiar, walked out of the darkness and said, “Nice of you to join me here today!” The girl said, with a loud cackle. “Amelia? Why did you call us here?” Layla’s Mother said. “Amelia?” Layla whispered. “You’ll see…” Amelia said laughing maniacally. From her coat, she pulled out a dagger. She deliberately walked to Layla’s parents. They slowly backed off. “Amelia – Amelia why are you doing this? What did we ever do to you?” Layla’s dad screamed. Amelia slowly walked close to them and with a moment of hesitation, stabbed them both in the heart. “Noooooooooooo!!!!!!” Layla screamed and ran out of her hiding place, but before she could do anything, she got zapped back to the present. There were tears spilling faster and faster out of her eyes. She hadn’t expected this!

Suddenly, she got an idea. She ran downstairs and called the police. A female cop picked up. “FBI, What’s your emergency?” Layla told her the entire story. She had expected to hear a loud laugh. But instead, the cop believed her and said that a fortune cookie had given her the same fortune. At last, Amelia was thrown behind bars and Layla got the revenge she very much needed, and she lived happily ever after.


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