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Dia Dwarkadas

It all began with vanilla ice cream. It was a hot summer day. My friends and I went to get some ice-cream. I had 3 friends, Kabir, Saisha and Prisha. But, when we reached the ice-cream shop, the shopkeeper told us that there was no ice-cream left! My friends were so upset! What should we do? I got an idea! We went back home and decided to make our own vanilla ice-cream. First, we looked up the recipe on the internet, and then got all the ingredients out. “Give me the milk”, I said. Prisha passed me the milk, and I poured it in a big bowl. “Give me the sugar”, I said. Saisha handed me a tin from the shelf. I measured two large spoons and mixed it in. “Pass me the vanilla essence”, I ordered. Kabir passed me the essence. “Now to mix”, I said. “Spoon please!” Prisha gave me the spoon and I mixed all the ingredients together in the bowl. “Kabir, can you help me put the bowl in the freezer?” I asked. Kabir was tall and so was able to reach the freezer. “Now let us wait,” said Saisha.

We waited and waited. Five hours later, we eagerly removed the ice cream from the freezer to check if it had set. It had! We grabbed 3 bowls. I scooped out the ice cream and put one scoop each in bowl. We all tried it at the same time. “Yuck!” spluttered Saisha. “It’s awful!” said Prisha. “What did we do wrong?” questioned Kabir. We decided to retrace our steps while making the icecream. “Did we add milk?” I asked. “Yes,” replied Prisha showing me the milk. “Did we add sugar?” I asked. “Yes,” said Saisha showing me a tin. “Wait a minute!” I said. “That doesn’t look like sugar to me!” I tasted it. “Oh No! We added salt instead of sugar!” We were so disappointed. We didn’t want all our efforts to go waste. Then, Kabir had an idea. “Let’s create a new flavour!” he said. He took the tin of sugar down from the shelf and added it in the now melted ice cream, and mixed it up well. Then Kabir stored it in the freezer. “It is getting late,” said Prisha. “I think we should go home.”

The next day my friends came back to my house, and we excitedly removed the Ice cream from the freezer. Again, we scooped it and gave everyone. “Its amazing!” I said. “Its salty and sweet!” exclaimed Saisha. We made a different flavor of ice cream, YAY! And that’s how Salted Vanilla Icecream became my favourite flavour ever!

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