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Delicious Goan Food!

From prawn curry to the Goa sausage, this article describes the some of the yummy food that you can find in Goa.

Mihaan Dhall

I love Goa so much! I love the beaches, restaurants and the food, of course. Goa’s best part is that you can try various foods: from Goan to Italian to Chinese to Burmese. There’s even a night market on Fridays with everything, from juices to burritos to smoky pork ribs.

In Goa, there’s a lot of seafood caught by fishermen. You have multiple options: fish, squid, prawns, crabs, etc. I’d recommend the ‘Bangra’, a kind of fish, which in my opinion, is fantastic. You can fry it with masala - my favourite is the red spicy masala called ‘rechad’. You can marinade the fish in it and it will taste fabulous. The crabs are also yum in Goa. They are so big and juicy you can suck out the flesh with ease. Squid in Goa is to die for, especially in a restaurant, ‘Gunpowder’, where they make it with every single spice, the more the merrier. The Goan prawn curry is also superb with rice, kachumber, and papad. The prawn curry has a lot of coconut milk in it. Goans often use coconut milk in their prawn curries because there’s a lot of coconut trees in Goa.

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Goa is very famous for pork, and one of the most famous dishes is the Goa sausage which is spicy and vinegary. The most renowned sausage makers are in South Goa. It’s not so good for vegetarians though!

There are excellent ice creams as well in Goa. You will die for the ones made by an Italian ice cream maker called, ‘Mr Gelato’. You’ll go to that place over and over again.

Someday, I would like to open my own restaurant in Goa. In the restaurant, my family and friends will come. We will work there and eat there too. I am so looking forward to that!

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