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Celebrating the Start of 2022 in the Most Bizarre Ways

New Years is often associated with new beginnings, and fresh starts, a passage from the dull, long year behind into an exciting year bubbling with opportunity ahead. Because of this, it’s not surprising there are many interesting, bizarre and strange traditions from across the world that aim to ensure luck and guarantee an auspicious year ahead!

Nisha Ramakrishnan

In many countries, round objects on New Year’s Eve symbolise plenty and wealth. Along with eating round fruits, many people in the Philippines also wear polka dots for extra luck! In Italy, the coin shape of lentils make them a popular meal on the 31st of December: a tradition that remains so popular that shops are often out of lentils by New Year’s Eve.

While broken plates are usually associated with sighing, fed-up mothers and children quickly hiding the incriminating cricket bat or football, in Denmark on New Year’s Eve, an ancient tradition makes breaking dishes at the doors of family members and friends a way of showing them that they are loved and will have a lucky year, the more shattered dishes at your doorstep, the better!

Other interesting, strange New Year’s traditions include farmers wishing and communicating with their livestock on New Year’s Day in Belgium and Romania, a practice which is supposed to lead to a year of luck. On the other hand, carrying an empty suitcase on New Year’s Eve in Colombia is supposed to give rise to masses of travel in the year ahead. After almost 2 years of lockdowns and restrictions, we could all do with a bit of guaranteed travel!

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