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Batman: A Review

by Maya Broacha

Are you looking for things to watch during your spring break? The movie "The Batman," directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattison, is outstanding. Although I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with weak stomachs since it contains plenty of violence, it is a must-see nonetheless.

Batman is a tragic yet powerful character with a mournful backstory. Bruce Wayne, popularly known as Batman, is an orphan billionaire who lost his parents to a lowlife criminal and has since taken it upon himself to be a vigilante and become a symbol.

This film takes set a year after Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, and it features one of the most well-known villains in the franchise. Reeves did an excellent job of emphasizing Batman's status as the greatest detective. It also emphasizes how Bruce Wayne is a mask for his inner self, Batman, and that they are two distinct individuals. It also depicts Selina Kyle before to her transformation into Catwoman and pays homage to her persona and backstory. Aside from that, the cinematography and music are absolutely outstanding, rendering this one of the best films of 2022.

The film begins by demonstrating the true power of the bat signal and the power that Batman wields. It then goes on to reveal a murder committed by none other than the Riddler, who leaves his clues in riddles, highlighting Batman's investigation abilities and making him one of the ideal villains for him. The Riddler's youthful characteristics and playfulness, as well as his serial killer impulses, are highlighted by Paul Dano, who plays him. However, there are other mysteries going on at the simultaneously throughout the film. Before I give any more spoilers, I strongly advise you to see it since it is truly a masterpiece.

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