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Baobab trees and Baker Miller Pink

A few fantabulous facts to brighten your day!

Nisha Ramakrishnan

Word of the month:


A person who believes they have more time than they really do, and so is regularly late

Colour of the month:

Baker Miller Pink

This shade of pink is thought to reduce belligerent and antagonistic behaviour, and has a calming effect on people, even reducing physical strength and energy. As a result, many psychiatric wards, prisons and youth clinics have been painted this shade of pink. However, there is conflicting research on this topic, and some studies claim that this calming effect does not last for more than 15-30 minutes. In fact, the Maricopa County Jail noticed that after painting their cells pink, as time progressed, the convicts became more aggressive than before.

Plant of the month:

The baobab tree, mainly found in Africa and Australia, is often called the “Tree of Life”, and is at the heart of many myths and stories. This tree can live for over 2000 years, and grow to almost a hundred feet. It is a succulent that can survive in hot and arid conditions, and the trunks can hold large amounts of water, which elephants sometimes pull down the full trees to access. Moreover, the fruits, leaves and seeds of the tree are edible and contain a lot of nutrients. The baobab fruits are six times richer in vitamin C than oranges! These trees have also been used as prisons, houses and marketplaces.

There are also thousands of fascinating stories that the baobab tree stars in.

Since its branches resemble roots, according to one tale, when god made the baobab tree it carried on walking, and so god uprooted the tree and planted it upside down so it could not walk away.

Some other stories also claim that those who dare to take flowers from the baobab tree will be pulled to pieces by lions, but protection from crocodiles can be achieved by drinking water that pips from the baobab fruit have been immersed in. Not to forget, the gruesome Zambian tale that claims a 1,500 year old baobab tree gobbled up four maidens since they were planning on marrying human men though the tree was in love with them.

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