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Are you ready for Artificial Intelligence in Sports?

Arjun Vora

“DHONI finishes off in style, A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lifted the world cup after 28 years.” An iconic sentence that has revolutionized cricket. If you aren’t a cricket fan you probably know of Ronaldo’s “siii”. It’s easy to say that sports have a lasting impact on all our lives. Sports are getting harder and more competitive as we speak. Have you ever wondered what Mohammed Salah does for 5 hours each day or what Kobe Bryant did to improve his game, and have you ever wondered how they know what to train for?

The answer is simple. Artificial intelligence. "From football to Formula 1, Artificial intelligence is being used in sports to strategize, train, advertise and much more. In short, AI is significantly impacting the way one views and consumes sports content," writes

AI has impacted sports in several ways. “The sporting industry has been using statistics and data analytics since time immemorial. Everything that can be quantified is already measured in sports, making it a fertile ground for the application of artificial intelligence.” Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world of sport and here’s how:

  1. Artificial Intelligence has helped enhance practice and performance.

  2. It has also helped coaches recruit and understand team dynamics

  3. It has greatly increased competitiveness in sports

In conclusion, we can easily say that AI is taking over the sports industry and instead of asking when, we need to start looking at the hows.

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