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An Interview with the House Captains

What does house spirit mean to you?

ALPHA captains: House spirit is a sense of togetherness, where each one contributes to take their to new heights. It’s not about winning, but it is more about the process that goes into it. The laughter, tears, hard-work and the ability to push each other’s potential. Ofcourse there are arguments and disagreements but at the end of the day it’s the learning and the capability to appreciate and accept criticism that matters the most. Alpha strives to be the best but at BIS, inter-house events are competitive yet collaborative and this allows the captains and the participants to learn new things. House spirit at BIS teaches us that the process is far more important than the victory because you may remember the victory for a few days, but years later, it’s the fun memories you made that will stay with you.

BETA captains: House spirit means feeling passion for your house, and holding pride in all of its accomplishments. It means believing, trusting and supporting everyone in your house, and most importantly showing up and giving your best to your house.

GAMMA captains: Yes, winning feels great, but the process is so much cooler, when working for an event we don’t just put in our all in Gamma, we make friends and we support each other no matter what! It’s about the memories we make and the fun we have as a house! We don’t just love Sports Day and Founders' Day for the awards. We love it for the environment, the supportive seniors, excited juniors and the enthusiastic parents!! At the end of the day it’s about all three houses working hard to do their best for their house and that passion, motivation and enthusiasm that’s what’s important!

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