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AI: Pros and Cons

Shanaya Makharia

As cool as an Avengers movie might be, with Iron Man's amazing suit having an array of weapons , we (the humans) have also been evolving! Especially with technology…

From the first invention being a chopping tool made out of stone, here we are, making robots our private butlers! A private butler-robot comes under artificial intelligence(AI known for short). That is what I’m going to be talking about…

For starters, let me explain what AI is. We all have some idea about it though not many of us know too much of it. AI can be as simple as your Alexa or Siri. Siri is intelligence demonstrated by a machine, which is typically the definition of AI.

When questioned about AI in 2017, just 17% of 1,500 senior business leaders in the United States claimed they were familiar with it. Several of them had no idea what it was or how it would affect their businesses. Even though they saw AI had a lot of promise for changing workflows, they didn't know how to put it to use in their own companies.

Therefore, I’ll be debating whether AI is good or not.


  1. AI eliminates human errors: Humans make mistakes while computers are programmed to be perfect at everything as they work with algorithms and make judgments based on previously acquired data and a set of techniques. As a result, mistakes are avoided, and the possibility of achieving higher accuracy and consistency is increased.

  2. Decreases the amount of risks: The most dangerous jobs currently are

-log making

-fishing and hunting

-air pilots

-roofers (construction workers)

So many lives are lost because of these jobs, and if AI does them, imagine the lives that can be saved!

  1. Decision making can go faster and smarter: Sometimes humans can act on impulse and be overwhelmed by emotion when they need to be rational.


  1. A ‘perfect world’ can be imperfect: Many mysteries that we humans have created are always left for the next generation to solve. If robots are better than humans at everything, they will easily do things like beat a World No. 1 with no training while the World No. 1 works day and night. Eliminating the purpose for humans to even exist and creating a sense of worthlessness and depression.

  2. Unemployment: Many people’s dreams and financial status will be lost. Out of the increasing number of children in the world, imagine the amount of children who want to be the first to go to Mars, but if robots already go there that creates a lack of vision for children similarly applying for employment.

  3. Imbalance: Humans are meant to be creative while robots can’t be creative.

Now, we’ve all seen The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. A robot named Sophia has also been featured in it! This robot, Sophia, can imitate facial expressions and gestures of humans and can also keep up a simple conversation! Clearly AI is progressing at a super fast rate, and we cannot even predict the things it will achieve in the future.

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