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After ISIS

The collapse of a state, the birth of an ideology.

Sarosh Lalkaka

On 30th of July 2014, the proud extremist movement of IS declared itself a state. The dream of these extremists had finally come true, and they had established their nation. In 2014 ISIS claimed vast amounts of land in Syria and Iraq and controlled a population of 11 million people. Since then, Daesh has gone downhill. The group has lost 60% percent of its original territory, including its capital, Mosul, which is a symbolic city for ISIS. This has led several experts to believe that the collapse of the state is inevitable.

While many may think this a good thing, the fall of the state will bring more problems than one may think. According to Seth Frantzman, the Middle East correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, ISIS will move from being a state to an ideology. This means that instead of fighting for the State, they will be more focused on carrying out terrorist attacks across the world especially against countries that fought against them in Syria, such as the USA and European countries. According to ISIS already uses the internet to radicalise people across the world.

Ironically the fall of ISIS will lead to more terrorism globally. We already see evidence of this in the attacks in Orlando and California, which Daesh indirectly orchestrated. Then there are the incidents directly organised by ISIS in places like Egypt, Libya, London, Paris and Nice.

Isis fighters, photo credits:

In conclusion, while it’s possible to defeat ISIS as a state, it is impossible to defeat an ideology, in that sense ISIS could plague humanity for a long, long time.

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