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Aditya Kothari

It all started with vanilla ice-cream...

That spilled and then my dog jumped on me and the ice cream rolled over and messed up the entire sofa with the result that we had to clear it up while everyone was partying!

Then, a massive disaster happened because of the ice cream falling. A machine next to the sofa got sparked up because of the liquid falling and then the machine started burning and almost caused a fire!

However, we were able to get the situation under control and nobody got hurt. Now, another problem!!

The cup in which my ice cream was, started rolling away very fast and my friend’s bunny started following it and soon after, the bunny was chasing the cup like his life depended on it.

It was a crazy chase and the bunny actually ran like a mile before we could even catch up to it and then there was the problem of finding it!

Finally, after a few painstaking minutes, we got the excited bunny. I was so glad we caught him and we could finally go back to the party. I actually ran back at full speed, not even noticing how tired I was!

After some time, I reached back to the party and I just realized how tired I was so I decided to relax by the pool next to my house. I chilled and drank lemonade by the poolside table.

It was time to now go home and have dinner at a restaurant. I decided to have vanilla ice cream for dessert again and then to go home, play some video games and go to bed.

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