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A Deal With God

Meghna Mathur

I sighed as I tucked myself under my cheese-scented musty blanket. It would be impossible to tell how many crumbs of snacks found solace on its pastel blue surface. It had been stained by the colorful residue of the various foods I snacked on while covered by it. And, just as my eyes rested on the saffron stain of dried-up orange juice, my hand slipped and dropped a glass of water. The water flowed like a girl’s luscious locks and wet the beaches of my blanket. Frustration coursed through my veins, as my discomfort defeated my lethargy, and motivated me to get a new blanket. I walked with a hunch on my back to my cupboard, only to bang my toes against its aluminum doors. I jumped in pain. Why did everything have to go wrong? Why couldn’t things follow my will? I walked back to my bed thinking about the inconveniences of life. I closed my eyes. If only, I could convince God to swap places with me…

My eyes observed the trillions of pea-sized bodies that glowed like crystals as they tried to find their purpose around me. They were frail, like porcelain dolls. So beautiful, yet so fragile. I widened my eyes to zoom into one to admire its beauty. But, what caught my eyes was a nearby figure descending into chaos. I had always believed that chaos would be analogous to dark gray storm clouds that wreaked havoc, taking lives with the furious whispers of the wind. But, chaos didn’t look dark, mysterious, or tumultuous; it looked slippery and dull yellow, with black spots. Chaos was a banana peel. A frail body was seconds away from slipping on it. Empathy struck within my heart as I realized I wouldn’t want to be the victim of the same fate so, I stretched my massive hands and moved towards the minuscule body. I gently balanced the delicate crystal of life on my fingertips and moved it away from what could have been a disaster, or, at least I thought. I placed the body away from the peel but, closer to another body unknowingly. The two bodies clashed into each other and crumbled like a soft slice of cake. But, the center of the cake ruptured into a lava-like rage. The two crystal bodies clutched onto each other’s arms and attacked each other like savages. A cranberry flush colored one of the figures’ cheeks. I could feel its audacious emotions. It was embarrassed. This brawl had taken place in front of someone they fancied. Oh, love, I thought. Suddenly, my body was catapulted into a tunnel as tender as the most delicate flowers. I felt love and loyalty at the end of the tunnel before I saw it. A group of motivated crystal beings was assembled at a mass of land they felt passionate about. A spirit of pride floated in the air and swept away any gusts of perfidiousness. The heat of their pride warmed my heart. If I was God, perhaps I could grant them a few blessings for, why else were they assembled in formation? I didn’t need to ponder much to find the answer to that question. I could see another similarly fashioned faction nearing the group I was examining. Both had instruments of agony in their hands, ready to spill blood like wine. War! I immediately placed my enormous hand to barricade the two factions from each other. But, the creative creatures climbed over my mountainous fingers and swam under my hands to reach their enemy. I tried to blockade them, I moved the fragile chess pieces away from each other but they found new ways to plunge into misery. I felt hunger, sadness, and tragedy. I fed the hungry and aided the sick. But, aiding one meant sacrificing the other. I felt impotent even though I was supposedly the controller of all. Was this what the nectars of power and immortality felt like? Was I powerless? Was God powerless?

I looked down on my skin, it was the same crystal as the others, seconds away from cracking. And, in the blink of an eye, I was just another porcelain being, among the thousands of others; powerless and fragile. But, I saw the beings carry each other like ores of steel for they could love. They were not powerless, after all! Perhaps, I wasn’t powerless. Perhaps, God was all-powerful. The fragile crystals in my body shimmered and transformed into durable diamonds. The same happened to all those around me. We were all the same; broken pieces forged into something unbreakable, shards of experiences crafted into a soul. Our understanding of each other allowed us to build bridges that mended the miseries of our past fragility. We rose together, holding each other’s hands, knowing that each one of us was capable. For, we were all God.

My eyes fluttered open and I looked at my beige skin; fragile as porcelain, strong as diamonds.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 28, 2021

Wow Meghna! So beautifully written! :)

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