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I wandered around the meadows that bordered a dark forest,

After much thought, I had decided that entering it would be a test,

For the virtues of my courage and the pseudo-bravery that tiptoed around my heart,

For, exploring the much-feared unknown was but a start,

My bare feet coquetted with the innocent grass that coated the dark,

As I entered the supposedly precarious forest my fears barked,

The notorious cloak of darkness mocked my eyesight but befriended my senses,

For, I had missed the darkness that had been lit up by the nightlights over the city fences,

But the other side that thrived in city lights was an inhospitable guest,

Gratitude rose within me as I reminisced light at its very best,

Never seen before, I worshipped the warmth of the unattended light I would now call art,

And felt at home with the darkness, the other part,

As I walked out of the forest, I saw a luminescent spark,

From the reckless journey that I had recently embarked,

For, I had realized that to appreciate the light you must lower its defenses,

And look at yourself through different lenses.


I gripped my sword in my clammy hands as I prepared for battle,

I was ready to fight with all my might as my conscience had been rattled,

They’d taken everything away from me,

My honor, my dignity and, my security,

For my foe knows me better than anyone,

And I know them like a mother knows her son,

We are each other’s Achilles heel,

For, I am both the hero and villain of my story.

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